An Introduction to Political Theory by O.P. Gauba


O.P. Gauba





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This new edition of an introduction of political theory examines a fairly wide range of issues concerning the ever-expanding field of political theory in a multidisciplinary (historical - sociological - economic - philosophical - juristic) perspective. It elaborates the nature and significance of political theory, concept of ideology with a concise and critical discussion of major political ideologies, nature of politics and various approaches to its study including empirical, normative, behavioural, post-behavioural as well as interdisciplinary approach. It elucidates the concepts of the state and sovereignty with reference to the challenges of imperialism, neo-colonialism, impact of globalisation, grounds and limits of political obligation, various dimensions, of law, power, citizenship, human rights, liberty (including creative freedom), equality (including equality of opportunity), justice (including social justice) and the common good. Then it dwells on various models and theories of democracy, indicating the significance of multicultural. Finally it gives a critical account of the theories of social change and development with special reference to the problems of Underdevelopment, sustainable development and political development. All important issues have been examined from various reference points including liberal, libertarian, Marxist, neo-marxist, communitarian, elitist, pluralist, socialist, social democratic, anarchist, moralist, ecological, Gandhian, feminist and subaltern perspectives. The author has adopted an analytical and critical approach that inspires the readers to think for themselves rather than look for ready-made solutions. Written in a concise and lucid style, the book contains self-instructional material with several unique, reader-friendly features such as a large number of flow charts, comparative charts, explanatory diagrams, on the spot definitions, historical references and crisp quotations in boxes. It is particularly designed to cater to the needs of various Indian universities as well as various high-level competitive examinations including Civil Services Examination.

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