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The thoroughly revised & updated 3rd Edition of “Olympiad Champs Science Class 7 with Past Olympiad Questions” is a complete preparatory book not only for Olympiad but also for Class 7 Science. # The book has been updated with the introduction of 2 Online mock Tests for practice and 2019 & 2018 Solved questions of the various pathologic; Olympiad exams.# This new edition now comes with inclusion of past 7 year Questions from various Olympiad Exams like NSO, IOS, gt se, etc. In both the exercises of every Chapter # further the book provides engaging content with the help of Teasers, Do You know, Amazing Facts & illustrations, which enriches the reading experience for the children.# The questions are divided into two levels Level 1 and Level 2. # The first level, Level 1, is the beginners level which comprises of questions like fillers, analogy and odd one out. # The second level is the advanced level. Level 2 comprises of questions based on techniques like matching, chronological sequencing, picture, passage and feature based, statement correct/incorrect, integer based, puzzle, grid based, crossword, Venn diagram, table/chart based and much more.# Solutions and explanations are provided for all questions at the end of each Chapter # The access code to the 2 Online Tests is available in the book.

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